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PerformanceTest 8.0.1008
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PerformanceTest 8.0.1008

Publisher:PassMark Software
Requirements:1280 x 1024 pixel display, DirectX 9.0c or higher, 1GB RAM, 100 MB of free hard disk space
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

PerformanceTest - PerformanceTest enables anyone to objectively benchmark their computer by putting it through six test suites comprising of twenty-eight unique tests, each carefully designed to cover all aspects of computing performance. It can help you assess if your computer is performing at its peak, whether it's time to upgrade or to measure the performance of different machine components. In a single mouse-click, you can obtain the PassMark Rating, an overall score for your machine's unique configuration for use in comparison with other machines.

PerformanceTest comes with a number of built-in baselines for machine comparison. With an internet connection, you can also search through comparison baselines supplied by one of the world's largest component baseline repositories at These baselines can be freely downloaded, saved and compared with your machine from the PerformanceTest interface.

Experienced users will appreciate the ability to create their own specialized test scenarios to aid in conducting any in-depth assessment of hardware behavior. From the advanced test window, all component tests can be thoroughly customized to suit a user's needs. Results can then be exported to a graph for quick reference, or to a HTML report containing detailed system information and snapshots showing performance over the duration of the test.

Among other new features, Version 8 of PerformanceTest boasts a redesigned user interface that presents users with detailed system information and test results in a dynamic and interactive way. Our new Visualised Physics engine gives users a chance to experiment with a wide range of customizable environmental settings (such as gravity, air resistance, explosions and more) to create fun, physics-based simulations which demonstrate our new Physics CPU test. PC gamers, video editors and developers will also like the new DirectX 10 3D test, which objectively ranks all the latest and greatest DirectX 10 compatible video cards.

List of Changes:

Version 7.0.1022 from 2011-05-04

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Version 7.0.1021 from 2011-02-10

Improved support for Intel Sandy Bridge processors; and fixed a bug in the advanced disk test which causes the random seek test to only use a portion of the available test space.

Version 7.0.1020 from 2011-01-05

Improved CPU information gathering methods for VIA CPUs; Improved CPU speed detection for overclocked Core2 CPUs; Added detection for several Radeon graphics card types; and fixed a bug which stopped the visualized physics test image mode from correctly working.

Version 7.0.1019 from 2010-10-27

Fixed a number of resource leaks that were causing PerformanceTest to become unstable after several hours of sustained usage; Improved a 3D test error message to give more information about the error; Added detection for Radeon 6850 and 6870 video cards.

Version 7.0.1018 from 2010-08-24

Fixed string sort test bug which incorrectly sorted strings 250 characters long instead of 25 characters - the test has now been reverted back to 25 characters. Resolved an issue which prevented CPU tests from running on Windows XP 64-bit.

Version 7.0.1017 from 2010-08-18

Minor fix to SMBIOS data collection; Added detection for failed 2D tests where there was no display to render the test; Fixed Windows 7 crash when trying run the advanced CD test, this test is still unsupported in Vista/Win7; Increased CPU info gathering; Increased timeout duration on CPU tests.

Version 7.0.1015 from 2010-07-06

Improved advanced memory test; Improved CPU speed detection on newer CPUs with turbo mode; Fixed corrupt icon graphics for high DPI displays; Fixed rare DX9 3D Test Crash; Fixed Out-of-Memory crash caused by multiple test threads on low end systems, and; Added ability to collect mini-dumps.

Version 7.0.1011 from 2009-11-10

Critical fix for a blue screen crash with some CPU models.

Version 7.0.1010 from 2009-10-29

Fixed bug showing Windows 7 baselines as Vista baselines in baseline selection window; PT now allows full results to be generated on DX10 systems without 4x AA; Fixed program crashing when loading pre-v6 baselines; Improved identification of some newer ATI Graphics Cards; Help File additions.

Version 7.0.1009 from 2009-10-06

Improved CPU information gathering (especially for Core i5s); improved CPU speed detection; Fixed issue in Win7 when using multiple monitors with 3D tests; Added i5 to list of CPUs in Advanced Baseline Search Window; Updated help file with better CPU test descriptions and 2D script commands.

Version 7.0.1008 from 2009-09-10

Now includes better core detection for the i5 Processor; better DDR3 detection; and an improved warning messages for a known issure with complex full screen 3D tests in Windows 7 with dual monitors.

Version 7.0.1007 from 2009-07-06

Now includes Help files when installing to USB; Better CPU clock speed measurement; Fixed bug loading baselines in local folder twice when using /p; Changed error 5 from error to warning in DX10 test on Windows 7; Improvements to errors messages.

Version 7.0.1006 from 2009-05-12

Fixed the "Find Same CPU" feature not working for certain CPU types; Welcome window will stop reopening at certain points when running in evaluation mode.

Version 7.0.1005 from 2009-04-16

Fixed DirectX10 test to work on videocards that do not support 8x anti-aliasing; Changed the Passmark Rating calculation so that CD scores have a smaller impact and can only ever increase the overall score.

Version 7.0.1004 from 2009-03-26

Patch release which fixes two minor issues: a bug that allowed uploading of incomplete baselines, and a bug that was causing some types of old AMD CPUs to get extremely high scores.

Version 7.0.1002 from 2009-03-04

Minor bug fixes; New DirectX10 3D test; Major improvements to the user interface; Multiple baselines can be view simultaneously; Removed almost all restrictions in the trial version; Added Visualised Physics Test; Overhauled the 2D Test Suite.

Version 7.0.1000 from 2009-02-25

New DirectX10 3D test; Major improvements to the user interface; Multiple baselines can be view simultaneously; Removed almost all restrictions in the trial version; Added Visualised Physics Test; Overhauled the 2D Test Suite.

Version 6.1.1018 from 2008-09-22

ATOM CPU hyperthreading and detection for number of CPUs added; CPU model number now includes extended info for newer CPUs; CPU L2 cache sizes for newer Intel CPUs added; Debug logging increased for CPU detection; Corrected startup problem for an unreleased CPU and a rare crash bug.

Version 6.1.1017 from 2008-05-12

Removed some debug information to better reflect performance in particular Virtual environments.


Easy-to-use PC hardware benchmark software

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File Size: 23.1 Mb

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Latest User Reviews:

Grose111855 2009-06-25 19:15:50 #
Version: 7.0.1006

Great product love the interface

Matt P. 2007-11-03 18:49:32 #
Version: 6.1.1017

Nag screen turned me off.

I assemble computers on a regular basis and I am looking for a benchmarking utility to compare system performance when switching microprocessors, video cards, adding more memory, and similar tasks. This program gives fair results, however I will not be using it. The reason is that changing system components like that sometimes requires to clear the CMOS for the system to boot properly, and such action resets the computer clock. In the evaluation version I tested, every time I cleared the CMOS, the benchmarking utility refused to start, claiming I had turned back the clock to defeat the program's copy protection. I strongly dislike the implication that anyone would go through the trouble of keeping their system clock innacurate in order to cheat a evaluation version, and the creator of the program should have known that a computer clock is not a reliable means to control time elapsed when opening the computer case is involved. So I'll be looking for another benchmarking solution that has more respect for the people evaluating their product.

Download Now
File Size: 23.1 Mb